Avalanche Skills Training 1

Avalanche Skills Training – Level 1

For Skiers and Snowboarders A 2.5 day course specifically for skiers and snowboarders, involving a mix of theory and practical skills to teach you basic safety knowledge for winter backcountry travel. This is the most comprehensive AST – 1 course available in Bariloche, Argentina. Learning;

  • formation of avalanches
  • factors affecting snow-pack
  • route finding
  • safety equipment usage
  • snow-pack observation and assessment

Participants must be at least an intermediate skier or snowboarder. If you are unsure of your ability, please contact us for more information.


$225.00 + HST

For information on our registration and cancellation policies and procedures send us an email @



  • Instruction by professional Avalanche Safety Educator and CAA Active Member
  • Course manual designed exclusively for Avalanche Safety Training Courses
  • “Avaluator” package for decision-making support
  • Industry recognized Certificate of Completion

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