Mountain Safety

Rope Rescue:

At Access Alpine, we specialize in rope rescue services, a crucial component of workplace safety, particularly in industries where working at heights is common. Rope rescue involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to safely retrieve individuals from elevated or confined spaces. As per WorkSafeBC legislation, employers are obligated to provide adequate measures for the safety of workers engaged in tasks at height. Our highly trained team at Access Alpine is proficient in the latest rope rescue methodologies, ensuring prompt and secure extrication in any situation. With a meticulous focus on WorkSafeBC regulations, we deliver comprehensive rope rescue solutions, guaranteeing the utmost safety for workers and compliance with industry standards.

Confined Space Rescue:

Access Alpine specializes in confined space rescue services, essential for ensuring the safety of workers in environments with limited entry and exit points, as mandated by WorkSafeBC legislation. Our team is rigorously trained and equipped to handle emergencies in spaces such as tanks, tunnels, and silos. With strict adherence to WorkSafeBC regulations, we offer comprehensive rescue solutions, ensuring swift and effective response to safeguard lives and operations.